The Miycester Underdark

Pronunciation: My - cess - ter

Miycester is it's own faction and not under a kingdom.

The Year 8096:

The dwarven mines are old as time itself. The city is built underneath Blackmaul, deep mines and elaborate mazes of mechanical wonder. A twisted wonderland.

It was once abandoned, then overrun by drow ((Ilythiiri)) several hundred years before our story begins. Now, the mines have once again changed... taken from the drow by a variety of creatures seeking sanctuary from the mists. Those who run businesses here in the deep are often worshipers of the unseelie queen, whom they believe to be a goddess come to rescue them. Among the caves, most passages blocked off by the quakes, you might find a black market where non-believers are sold off, a tavern and even they claim, a drider den for those Lolth had banished.

During the war with Eilienaxa, this area has since been closed off. 

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